Judgement Day

Fight Club
  • Pulse trains with Ammunition and wins a bet, leading to a date with her.
  • Riffle starts an underground gambling ring.
  • General McGuyver gives ASWAT a mission. They are to head to a fight club outside the barrier that hosts Super fights. When there they are to find a woman named Sonica and recruit her. They are also to take Ammunition and Mr. Nobody to give them some field experience.
  • The team arrives at the fight club and signs up for the current competition. Mr. Nobody also signs up.
  • During the fights GravHammer is called to a VIP room by a mysterious blonde woman. She easily gets information out of Gravhammer then hands him a fancy envelope to hand to General McGuyver. The woman eventually reveals herself to be Ignius.
  • Gravhammer also learns that a group of teenagers have been going around fighting crime. They call themselves Heroes Reborn. One calls himself Gravhammer. There are also two girls, one dressed up in a yellow hoodie, the other in a Revolutionary war American soldier uniform.
  • Ammunition almost gets into a nasty scuffle with a villain named Atlus. Pulse and Ruffle defuse the situation a tricks Atlus into believing that his shipment of weapons that Ammunition owes him will appear later that night behind the building.
  • Gravhammer fights a woman in the finals named The Groom. He finds out that it’s actually Sonica and that she has changed immensely since they last met. He defeats her, winning the competition. Afterwards she agrees to work for ASWAT.
  • Mission completed, the team heads back to base.
Return of the Tentacle Horror!!!!
  • General McGuyver informs ASWAT about the black tentacles. They belong to an entity known as the Beast of Land. He tells them that The Beast will be resurrecting soon and that they should destroy anything related to the Beast immidietly.
  • General McGuyver also gives the group a mission. They are to go down to the docks in Queens and locate Arms Dealer and Mr. Nobody and recruit the two.
  • Upon arriving at the docks the team discovers Arms Dealer and her thugs are under attack by black tendrils. The team promptly jumps in to save her. Serious Mass decides to sneak about the building and find Mr. Nobody.
  • The group manages to save Arms Dealer and Mr. Nobody then promptly attempts to escape. A giant group of tendrils destroys the building as they fly away in GravHammer’so grav bubble. As they are escaping they notice the sky has turned purple. A military helicopter flies in hoping to help the team, only to get destroyed by a flock of shadow ravens. The Ravens turn their attention to the team until Serious Mass shoots them out of the sky with a water blast.
  • As they leave the area they notice that the entire dock district has been surround by a giant opaque black orb.
Rock Concert

Chokechains gang attacked Rikers island. The heroes stopped them. The heroes met Hound Dog. The heroes learned from interrogating a thug that Third Generation is playing near the barrier, and Chokechain is there. Turns out Third Generation is using mind control. Heroes defeat Blitz and Chokechain. They are confronted with a dark enemy.

Raid the Base

The heroes raided Chokechains base of operations. It was a tough fight with plenty of villains and firepower. In the end the villains got away. Atleast the base blew up and we recaptured RapBop

Children Meet the Heroes

Serious Mass, Gravhammer, and Pulse go to an event for children. Terrorists try to take down the barrier. The heroes take down the terrorists. Released RapBop to find the villains hideout.

Visiting Riker's Island
  • The heroes were tasked with delivering villains to Rykers Island, a Super Human Prison outside the barrier. During this time it was decided that Althea was too much of an asset to be wasting on the field, so she was switched to the R&D Division.
  • It turns out the old man with a red robe works in the government, but his identity is confidential.
  • GravHammer and Serious Mass decided they would float the villains there by way of Gravhammers gravity powers and a swat vehicle. The villains they would be escorting were Rant, Rave, and Sir Razor. The trip was uneventful and they got there quickly. When they arrived and crossed Rykers Bridge, they met one of the prisons defenders, Guardian. After a small exchange they left the prisoners and left on their next mission immediately.
  • The mission was to head to Queens and locate the Knights of the Round Table, who had been stealing supply drops meant for the citizens of Queens. They were also to meet with their new member, Pulse. When they arrived the Knights were already there, one of them seemed to be in combat with someone. The Knights said they had a little girl, and if the heroes wanted her back safe they would have to hand over the supplies. The heroes denied and instead attacked. A large combat ensued with Pulse showing up during the battle. The heroes were able to drive off the Knights and keep the supplies. They noticed their was a large wooden crate left behind. Upon inspection it contained the little girl, unharmed. It seems they never intended to harm the girl.
  • The girl introduced herself as Corinth, and quickly attached to the heroes. Once they returned to ASWAT headquarters, the old man in the robe took Corinth and wandered off.
  • Serious Mass and Sophie, the Secretarial Manager for ASWAT, hit it off. They decided to go on a date.
Party time in NYC
  • New York City decided to throw a party to celebrate ASWAT’s first victory. GravHammer and Serious Mass showed up to the party that night, Althea decided she would rather repair Alth 01 and so didn’t show.
  • GravHammer attempted to schmooze with the important people, but failed. Serious Mass made out with three women in the restrooms. The old man with red robes was also there, he was as rude as ever.
  • During Serious Mass’s make out session he felt an odd feeling at the back of his nape, and completely over reacted to the situation, finding Gravhammer and telling him about it. The party was then attacked by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Tears being one of the girls he was making out with unknowingly, during which she was mind reading him.
  • The trio of villains surprised everyone, taking captives of the party goers with armed thugs. It was a difficult battle, but in the end they fended off the trio with the help of General McGuyver, and even saved the civilians. Unfortunately during the attack a villain named Arobas snuck into ASWAT headquarters using his powers, and stole Bucket Head’s bucket from Gravhammers room, for reasons unknown.
Introducing the Heroes of NYC
  • They are told their first mission will be to parade through NYC and give a speech to the public. This will let the everyone in NYC that this government created super team is there to keep the city and the people safe.
  • When they arrive they meet Radio. They also meet a mysterious old man wearing a red robe with gold dragons on it. He is not very nice.
  • Heroes give speeches.
  • After the speech the area is attacked by three villains. Rant, Rave, and Sir Razor.
  • Once the villains are defeated, Radio signals the heroes and let’s them know it was just a diversion. While they were fighting Bucket Head, a dangerous and intelligent villain, started to force his way outside the barrier.
  • By the time the party reached the barrier he already broke through and was halfway across the NYC Bridge. Bucket Head was confident in his escape, so he wasn’t expecting anyone to catch up with him.
  • Serious Mass managed to catch up with him as he swam there in his water form. He leaped from the water to above the bridge and changed to his metal form. He proceeded to slam down on Bucket Head and dispatched him immediately.
  • When Althea called in Radio to let him know Bucket Head was captured, GravHammer and Serious Mass decided to remove the bucket from Bucket Head’s head. Bucket Head promptly detonated in a burst of energy. They decided this story probably shouldn’t hit the media.
  • Gravhammer took Bucket Head’s bucket as a trophy.
Early Start
  • The day of the heroes meeting was growing close, and Althea grew more bored, so she hacked the government files, found Gravhammers info and invited him out for some fun.
  • Alth 1 and Gravhammer met, and they quickly got along, they decided to go out on patrol together.
  • On patrol they found a known drug dealer and his gang. Rap Bop.
  • They defeated Rap Bop and made him tell them where he was getting the drugs. He said he got it from a villain name Choke Chain out in Hell’s Kitchen. They turned Rap Bop into the police and went outside the barrier to find Choke Chain.
  • They eventually found the location where Choke Chain deals and tried to sneak up on her. During the mission they were spotted and had to fight their way to her.
  • Gravhammer fought off super strong thugs while Alth 1 was doing combat with Choke Chain. Choke Chain proved harder to handle then Althea thought and Alth 1 ended up battered.
  • Gravhammer eventually came to assist but Choke Chain decided to flee and escaped.
  • Although Choke Chain got away they found some of the drug stash, cash, and many posters for a band named Third Generation. After turning in the drugs and cash to the police Althea and Gravhammer separated till they were officially called into service.
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