Judgement Day

Early Start

  • The day of the heroes meeting was growing close, and Althea grew more bored, so she hacked the government files, found Gravhammers info and invited him out for some fun.
  • Alth 1 and Gravhammer met, and they quickly got along, they decided to go out on patrol together.
  • On patrol they found a known drug dealer and his gang. Rap Bop.
  • They defeated Rap Bop and made him tell them where he was getting the drugs. He said he got it from a villain name Choke Chain out in Hell’s Kitchen. They turned Rap Bop into the police and went outside the barrier to find Choke Chain.
  • They eventually found the location where Choke Chain deals and tried to sneak up on her. During the mission they were spotted and had to fight their way to her.
  • Gravhammer fought off super strong thugs while Alth 1 was doing combat with Choke Chain. Choke Chain proved harder to handle then Althea thought and Alth 1 ended up battered.
  • Gravhammer eventually came to assist but Choke Chain decided to flee and escaped.
  • Although Choke Chain got away they found some of the drug stash, cash, and many posters for a band named Third Generation. After turning in the drugs and cash to the police Althea and Gravhammer separated till they were officially called into service.


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