Judgement Day

Introducing the Heroes of NYC

  • They are told their first mission will be to parade through NYC and give a speech to the public. This will let the everyone in NYC that this government created super team is there to keep the city and the people safe.
  • When they arrive they meet Radio. They also meet a mysterious old man wearing a red robe with gold dragons on it. He is not very nice.
  • Heroes give speeches.
  • After the speech the area is attacked by three villains. Rant, Rave, and Sir Razor.
  • Once the villains are defeated, Radio signals the heroes and let’s them know it was just a diversion. While they were fighting Bucket Head, a dangerous and intelligent villain, started to force his way outside the barrier.
  • By the time the party reached the barrier he already broke through and was halfway across the NYC Bridge. Bucket Head was confident in his escape, so he wasn’t expecting anyone to catch up with him.
  • Serious Mass managed to catch up with him as he swam there in his water form. He leaped from the water to above the bridge and changed to his metal form. He proceeded to slam down on Bucket Head and dispatched him immediately.
  • When Althea called in Radio to let him know Bucket Head was captured, GravHammer and Serious Mass decided to remove the bucket from Bucket Head’s head. Bucket Head promptly detonated in a burst of energy. They decided this story probably shouldn’t hit the media.
  • Gravhammer took Bucket Head’s bucket as a trophy.


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