Judgement Day

Party time in NYC

  • New York City decided to throw a party to celebrate ASWAT’s first victory. GravHammer and Serious Mass showed up to the party that night, Althea decided she would rather repair Alth 01 and so didn’t show.
  • GravHammer attempted to schmooze with the important people, but failed. Serious Mass made out with three women in the restrooms. The old man with red robes was also there, he was as rude as ever.
  • During Serious Mass’s make out session he felt an odd feeling at the back of his nape, and completely over reacted to the situation, finding Gravhammer and telling him about it. The party was then attacked by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Tears being one of the girls he was making out with unknowingly, during which she was mind reading him.
  • The trio of villains surprised everyone, taking captives of the party goers with armed thugs. It was a difficult battle, but in the end they fended off the trio with the help of General McGuyver, and even saved the civilians. Unfortunately during the attack a villain named Arobas snuck into ASWAT headquarters using his powers, and stole Bucket Head’s bucket from Gravhammers room, for reasons unknown.


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