Judgement Day

Visiting Riker's Island

  • The heroes were tasked with delivering villains to Rykers Island, a Super Human Prison outside the barrier. During this time it was decided that Althea was too much of an asset to be wasting on the field, so she was switched to the R&D Division.
  • It turns out the old man with a red robe works in the government, but his identity is confidential.
  • GravHammer and Serious Mass decided they would float the villains there by way of Gravhammers gravity powers and a swat vehicle. The villains they would be escorting were Rant, Rave, and Sir Razor. The trip was uneventful and they got there quickly. When they arrived and crossed Rykers Bridge, they met one of the prisons defenders, Guardian. After a small exchange they left the prisoners and left on their next mission immediately.
  • The mission was to head to Queens and locate the Knights of the Round Table, who had been stealing supply drops meant for the citizens of Queens. They were also to meet with their new member, Pulse. When they arrived the Knights were already there, one of them seemed to be in combat with someone. The Knights said they had a little girl, and if the heroes wanted her back safe they would have to hand over the supplies. The heroes denied and instead attacked. A large combat ensued with Pulse showing up during the battle. The heroes were able to drive off the Knights and keep the supplies. They noticed their was a large wooden crate left behind. Upon inspection it contained the little girl, unharmed. It seems they never intended to harm the girl.
  • The girl introduced herself as Corinth, and quickly attached to the heroes. Once they returned to ASWAT headquarters, the old man in the robe took Corinth and wandered off.
  • Serious Mass and Sophie, the Secretarial Manager for ASWAT, hit it off. They decided to go on a date.


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