Gravity Manipulating Soldier


Twenty six years ago, the child that would eventually become GravHammer was born in a fairly average hospital in the American North-West to an average family. What the newly made parents weren’t expecting, however, was their child to be anything but average but born with the incredible ability to control the very forces that kept everything grounded on Earth, those of gravity. The parents, and the staff, were obviously rather freaked out by this development and the parents just abandoned the child without giving it a name. The hospital gave the child to an orphanage, where he was given the name of John Doe, due to the fact that he didn’t have a real name.

He spent the next five years here, slowly learning how to control his awesome power, though the other children, naturally, were afraid of him and he didn’t make too many friends while he was there. Thankfully, the Government finally caught wind of him and they took him to a special facility where he was raised to young adulthood and was able to fully master his gravity abilities.

It was at this facility that he came into contact with others like him, others with the special abilities that made them above and beyond the normal populace. It was also where he gained his infamous hammer and advanced armor suit that makes him the monster that he is in close quarters. The government saw the potential for a new black ops unit in this band of super-powered people, and so used them as an experiment: to send them to fight the battles that a conventional unit or even army couldn’t handle, including others with super-powers.

The unit was a resounding success up to the Judgment Day event five years ago that left GravHammer as the only survivor. Once it became clear that there were more people with powers then ever, the government capitalized on that and rounded up as many as they can to help bring order back to the world. As GravHammer has the most experience in doing this sort of work, he has become a sort of unofficial figurehead to the public for the government, and commands a team of super-powered people in the field. The deaths of his comrades during the events of Judgement Day has scarred him though, and he finds it difficult to really open up to others at first.

What most of the public, and only part of the government doesn’t know is that GravHammer doesn’t need his hammer to use his powers, or his insane strength. He just always wears his armor and uses his hammer because they are effective, and he wishes to try and trick his foes into thinking he’s helpless without either.

GravHammer has always been a serious, if stubborn, man, and the death of his best friends and comrades at arms at the hands of Judge only seemed to increase those traits. He rarely makes jokes, and almost never smiles, though the sting of his friends deaths has lessoned to the point where he’s becoming more open with people. In keeping with the fact that, though not technically part of the military, they are part of a more militarized branch of the Government, GravHammer tends to dress in a military like fashion, namely wearing combat boots and cargo pants, and normally a simple, long sleeved black shirt that goes to his forearms and simple black gloves. He keeps his hammer in a back harness that allows him to retrieve it near instantly.


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