One day, no different than the rest, a meteor fell to Earth landing in Duncanville, Texas. One fourth of Texas was instantly vaporized, the shock waves were felt around the planet. About five minutes after the meteor fell it emitted a titanic energy wave that traveled across the globe. Within an hour it reached the other side of the planet. Every electronic it passed by was fried, cables were burnt, data was scrambled. It was as if the wave KNEW how our technology worked and proceeded to destroy it. This event would come to be known as Judgement Day.

America was devastated, other countries were in chaos. It was as if the carpet was pulled straight from under humankind. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the last trial humanity had to face. From the meteor emerged an alien made of pure energy. After a few seconds it took on the form of a human, and declared that humanities judgement has come. It named itself Judge, and proceeded to destroy and wreak havoc across the globe. No one could stop him. Not the military. Not our weapons. Not even our heroes stood a chance. It was hell on Earth.

Then it happened. Humanities greatest heroes rose from the ashes. They came from across the world for a single cause. In one joint effort they struck Judge, and struck hard. He was defeated, the earth was saved, but at no small cost. Most of our great heroes did not return from the battle, and Judges corpse was never found. Upon return the heroes would not say exactly what happened, they returned to their respective homes and helped rebuild.

Our story takes place five years after Judgement Day. The world has been rebuilding for the past years, and so most countries have established order once again. America is not one of those countries. It was damaged beyond repair. We must start over.

Judgement Day

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