Judgement Day

Return of the Tentacle Horror!!!!

  • General McGuyver informs ASWAT about the black tentacles. They belong to an entity known as the Beast of Land. He tells them that The Beast will be resurrecting soon and that they should destroy anything related to the Beast immidietly.
  • General McGuyver also gives the group a mission. They are to go down to the docks in Queens and locate Arms Dealer and Mr. Nobody and recruit the two.
  • Upon arriving at the docks the team discovers Arms Dealer and her thugs are under attack by black tendrils. The team promptly jumps in to save her. Serious Mass decides to sneak about the building and find Mr. Nobody.
  • The group manages to save Arms Dealer and Mr. Nobody then promptly attempts to escape. A giant group of tendrils destroys the building as they fly away in GravHammer’so grav bubble. As they are escaping they notice the sky has turned purple. A military helicopter flies in hoping to help the team, only to get destroyed by a flock of shadow ravens. The Ravens turn their attention to the team until Serious Mass shoots them out of the sky with a water blast.
  • As they leave the area they notice that the entire dock district has been surround by a giant opaque black orb.


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