12 Year Old Techno-path Genius


Althea, a small, New York-born girl of twelve, grew up with a strange way of playing. She was constantly playing with metal, and eventually built her first machine by the age of five. Her parents were entirely supportive of both her love of technology and her surprising power to control the machines she created. The two normal humans took her strange power as a miracle and loved to show her off. Being a natural introvert, Althea grew to dislike the attention and shut herself into her room. A few weeks after, Judge came and ruined everything the young girl loved: technology, anime (specifically magical girl and toku series), and plenty of her favorite snacks. She was able to salvage more than the average person, thanks to being able to bring machines to and fro from her room through her manipulation ability. She was enraged and “rather displeased” with what had become of the world, determined to find a way to make it better.

After a few years of staying under the radar, the withdrawn girl began working on a plan that would allow her to make money by creating technology and help the economy, as well as hide her identity as a young girl. At eight, Alt Systems was a newborn consisting of only a handful of useful appliances able to be used after the great destruction. Those who still had money would willingly spend it on the items they had grown used to and couldn’t be without. Alt systems began making money with ease, and over the course of a year, was able to have it’s own building and reputation.

Her parents, still supportive of their little genius, are overseas in a safer zone than America. Unable to leave her room after being a shut-in for too long, she relies on her robots to convey what she needs. Her main bots include Alth 01 (built first, main melee fighter), Alth 02 (built last, face/head of Alt Systems), and Alth 03 (built second, range fighter/sharp shooter). These three are the trio that the public has grown accustom to. Her face and identity as a twelve-year-old is known only to those with the proper information and authority.


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