Armored Kinetic Fighter


Name: Aedan Kelemen
Alias: Kineticist
Power: Kinetic Manipulation
Age: 24
Time Active: 9 Years
A veteran hero who started fighting crime at the age of 15, popular amongst citizens in New York and China for his exploits in those areas; seen by the government higher ups as a vigilante. Born with glass bones because of his power, originally thought to just be a medical disorder before Aedan violently stumbled upon his abilities. What led to this discovery was an investigation done by Aedan for his friend, Julian Rockwell. Julian’s sister had been another recent victim of the infamous Hooked Jaw Killer. Together they revealed the identity of the killer, and in doing so made themselves a target falling into a trap laid by him. Just as Hooked Jaw was going to strike Julian, Aedan lunged out, throwing himself with such force as to break his legs. The room was overcome with a deep blue light as Aedan tackled the Hooked Jaw Killer. When they landed on the ground a deafening bang was heard followed by the sound of blood and skull crashing across the walls and ceiling. Aedan lay there in a painful heap, covered in the sludge that was once the man charging his friend.
The event was covered up quickly by Julian’s father, Warren Rockwell, a CEO of the massive multinational company Rockwell Industries. Seeing his newfound powers as a chance to get further retribution for Julian’s sister, and clean the streets of New York, Aedan worked tirelessly on combating evil in the city. Aedan , with the help of Julian, learned more about his abilities and, with much trial and error, developed an exosuit to enable him to move quickly, deliver punches, and take them just as well. Aedan took to calling his new masked, or in his case helmeted, identity The Kineticist. From here the two would go on to have grand adventures, meeting a large cast of the villains, heroes, and legends of their time. One such hero was Liu Mui, a woman who studied under a great martial artist in the east. Aedan and Liu ran into each other when he joined an underground tournament in order to spy on a Chinese Triad that had recently come to New York. The last two contestants of the tourney had the honor of fighting the organizers greatest warrior, the Nuclear Giant, a man made of pure nuclear energy encased in a multilayered exoskeleton that stood sixteen feet tall. Liu Mui and The Kineticist fought as long as they could until it was clear they couldn’t win. Liu and The Kineticist were forced to retreat, barely making it out of the dojo alive. Liu thanked The Kineticist and agreed, after a long and drawn out argument, to train him in her fighting style, Wing Chun. Together they created a martial art to match Aedan’s powers, Liu referring to his new gift as The Way of the Kinetic Blessing.
As the years went on Aedan and Julian drifted apart, having differing viewpoints on what should be done with the criminals and villains they came across. Julian believed Aedan was being too soft on the scum they fought, wasting their efforts. Julian’s point being pushed ever further with Aedan becoming flirtatious with some of their enemies, going as far as to get romantically involved with a super-powered thief named Umbra. Eventually Julian had had enough, every time they took down one group another would take its place, drugs would be sold, more lives would be damaged because these villains were allowed to live. Julian believed the only way to truly stop the crime was to control it, kill their leadership and take their place, regulate it from the inside.
In the last year leading up to Judgement Day, the two came to blows, Julian enacting his own form of justice, killing his father in the process and taking over as CEO of Rockwell Industries. Using his influence and power, Julian rose in the ranks of the criminal world as well as the political. His reach grew and grew as he expanded his company further, landing his hands in the pockets of the most powerful politicians and leaders. The Kineticist attempted to stop his friend’s rampage, but could only do so much against this new threat; a real life Illuminati was at his door. As they warred against each other, Aedan and Julian came to a silent agreement that they would not out one another. Their secret lives would be kept just as they were, secret. After all who would believe them? Aedan, outside of his armor, was just a sickly looking man not visibly capable of the feats The Kineticist performs, while Julian was a well-respected business person, and soon to be mayor. The stalemate would last even after the horrors of Judgement Day came.
The asteroid fell and with it devastation and fear took hold of the world. Judgment had come, heroes and villains alike uniting to fend off his rage. Amongst the chaos, Aedan found himself alone in defending New York. Attempting to keep order in the streets as the mass panic took over was an impossible task. The crime wave that came with the destruction of the world blew through the city. As the dust began to settle after Judgement’s death yet another threat came for Aedan. With the registration act in full effect, he had to choose the risk of losing his secret identity. For the next five years, Aedan’s life would turn into what felt like a mad house. New more powerful threats from every angle, some of his fellow good doers attacking him when he was in costume. He was still trusted by the citizens and some of the heroes in the city, but to the everyone else he was just another fugitive.

The choice to register was eventually made for Aedan. He had left the “safety” of New York to follow a lead on the return of one of the villains from his years in high school, and early college. Caught off guard outside of New York, his life nearly taken from him for the last time by what could only be described as an alternate version of himself. With his insides only being kept together by his suit he retreated to the safety of New York, turning himself in and warning the heroes of the city of a soon to be war with an otherworldly force. After waking from a week long coma Aedan was given an ultimatum. Join ASWAT, or be put away with the rest of the rabble.

“Honestly, the past 9 years have been a load of over convoluted twists and turns. If there turns out to be someone out there writing my destiny, well, let’s just say I’m surprised they haven’t just tried to reboot it by now.” – Aedan to his case manager Ross McKenzie



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