Judgement Day

Fight Club

  • Pulse trains with Ammunition and wins a bet, leading to a date with her.
  • Riffle starts an underground gambling ring.
  • General McGuyver gives ASWAT a mission. They are to head to a fight club outside the barrier that hosts Super fights. When there they are to find a woman named Sonica and recruit her. They are also to take Ammunition and Mr. Nobody to give them some field experience.
  • The team arrives at the fight club and signs up for the current competition. Mr. Nobody also signs up.
  • During the fights GravHammer is called to a VIP room by a mysterious blonde woman. She easily gets information out of Gravhammer then hands him a fancy envelope to hand to General McGuyver. The woman eventually reveals herself to be Ignius.
  • Gravhammer also learns that a group of teenagers have been going around fighting crime. They call themselves Heroes Reborn. One calls himself Gravhammer. There are also two girls, one dressed up in a yellow hoodie, the other in a Revolutionary war American soldier uniform.
  • Ammunition almost gets into a nasty scuffle with a villain named Atlus. Pulse and Ruffle defuse the situation a tricks Atlus into believing that his shipment of weapons that Ammunition owes him will appear later that night behind the building.
  • Gravhammer fights a woman in the finals named The Groom. He finds out that it’s actually Sonica and that she has changed immensely since they last met. He defeats her, winning the competition. Afterwards she agrees to work for ASWAT.
  • Mission completed, the team heads back to base.


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